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Drumset for BeginnersAlfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, releases Drumset for Beginners, a drummers’ guide to teaching and learning the drumset by Paul Hose, and Jim Farey.

Drumset for Beginners is an instructional resource on teaching and learning how to play the drums in a simplified, yet all-encompassing beginner’s approach. Featuring fundamental music theory, rudiments, and interpretation and independence exercises, the method book offers ample space for creative application through a variety of key styles including rock, Latin, jazz, funk, and many more.

The companion MP3 CD contains the recordings to all the examples and exercises found in the book. Perfect for aural inspiration and play-along, the tracks also function as progress indicators for student and teacher.

"Drumset for Beginners is a very well thought out way of approaching a very difficult topic… teaching beginners," says Tower of Power drummer David Garibaldi. "Paul and Jim have put together a program that simplifies the process with an emphasis on fun, fundamentals, and patience! I also like the idea of this being a resource for self-teaching."

Says professional drummer, author and teacher Mike Dolbear, "I get to see lots of drum books from many drummers around the world and the books I like must have good structure, easy to follow lessons, be musical as well as rhythmic and inspiring. Paul and Jim have achieved this with this book and I would recommend you add this to your drum book library."

The Drumset for Beginners book and MP3 CD set (00-20091UK) is now available for $19.99 at music retail stores and online through the Drummer Cafe.