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Systems Book 1: Drum Technique and Melodic Jazz IndependenceAlfred Music Publishing, home to the world’s largest percussion print music catalog, is now distributing Systems, Book 1:  Drumming Technique and Melodic Jazz Independence, a method on form and coordination, by Ari Hoenig.

Systems, Book 1: Drumming Technique and Melodic Jazz Independence teaches proper form and basic jazz independence via melodic exercises that act as the building blocks to improvisation. Features include a variety of fresh warm-ups, jazz pattern drills, and four-way coordination exercises—all in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format. Designed for drummers of all skill levels, the book’s systems will enhance the ability to improvise fluidly around a theme and develop greater depth in melodic drum playing.

Solo artist, clinician, and author Ari Hoenig is a professional jazz drummer known for his dynamic playing and improvisation style that work harmoniously with melody lines and other group members’ solos. Hoenig imparts his performance techniques in the first installment of his Systems book series, taking aim at practice fatigue and performance plateaus with engaging exercises that foster coordination and inspire creativity on the drums.

Systems, Book 1: Drumming Technique and Melodic Jazz Independence is now available for $15.99 at music retail stores or online through the Drummer Cafe.